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The Daily Telegraph

‘During more than 50 years as an author, her books showed an elegance of characterisation and an aptitude for capturing atmosphere that blurred distinctions between classic detective stories and the conventional novel.’

The Guardian 2

‘Phyllis attended to detail and knew about chemistry and the nature of poisons and stabbings. She was always in control and always knew where she was going and what would happen.’

The Daily Mail

‘She could evoke the most extraordinary places, when you read her books it was that that you were drawn to, and out of that were these extraordinary characters.’

The Guardian 2

‘Ruth Rendell looks back on her 40-year friendship with her fellow crime novelist PD James’

Faber 1

‘In her 1999 book, Time to Be in Earnest: A Fragment of Autobiography, P. D. James recalls the moment she discovered she was to be a published author.’

The Guardian 1

‘Phyllis had a deft way with the horrific, creating images that seared their way into the reader’s brain’